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It all started with a sewing machine

Shortly after getting married, Jess asked her new hubby for a sewing machine for Christmas. Her wish was granted, and things just snowballed from there.

After making a few wallets and billfolds, she branched out. From there she got a hand-me-down serger, and then her first embroidery machine. All of this was crammed into a small room in their three-bedroom town home.

The first show Jess and I (Valere) did together started out with us waking up to the sound of tornado sirens at 6 am. You would have thought this might be a deterrence, but not for us. The event got a late start because of the weather, but it was a success, and we were off and running.

Since that stormy June day in 2011, the "little business that could" has chugged its way to countless craft shows and found its way into markets that we never imagined. It continues to grow and evolve through the combined efforts of our little family.

Through it all, we give credit to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for allowing us to do what we do. If not for His blessings and constant direction, this labor of love would have never made it past that tempestuous beginning.